Who’s treat is it really ?

So, a few weeks ago my husband informed me there was another “workshop” (for lack of a better word) with former and current colleagues. This is something that takes place once a year. They provide a nice dinner and drinks, etc. So last weekend when we were grocery shopping, I had to figure out something for “dinner for 1”.  Normally I would buy things for a nice salad but this time I just wasn’t in the mood for a salad so I chose a frozen pizza, I know, right ? My husband kept asking if that’s really what I want because he felt bad that he’d be having a nice meal while I’m sitting at home eating frozen pizza. I told him I really didn’t mind, even though, I would have liked to have gone but these “workshops” don’t work that way so frozen pizza for 1 is what it was going to be.

It’s the day of the colleague “workshop” and he’s getting ready for work, he continues to tell me how bad he feels that I’m having pizza at home, alone while he’s going to be having this nice meal. I kept telling him it was fine and not to worry about it.

Later that afternoon, it occurred to me that I could ask him to bring home a nice treat, but I wasn’t sure how late he would be getting home, since these workshops easily go into the late evening. So I sent him a message and told him that he could make up for the nice meal he would be having by bringing me home a treat. When I ask for a treat, he automatically knows that I want ice cream, so something from McDonalds.

He told me it might be late but he will call to find out if I would be up and if he should put my treat in the freezer.

It was just after 10 pm when he let me know he was going to be on his way home, about 45 minutes later I get the call. He’s on his way but there isn’t a McDonalds on the way so I tell him not to worry about it because I was going to head to bed but he said it’s no problem and he’d go to the one we usually go to, so I decided to stay up and wait.

Finally he gets home and he walks in with a drink holder with 2 McFluurys, along with a small McDonalds sack. I guess he decided to get himself a treat also AND something else. So we both ate our McFlurrys and then he opened the McDonald sack, pulling out a small cheesburger. As he’s pulling off a small piece of cheese, he asks me, “would you like a piece?” I thought for sure that small piece of cheese was going to be what he’s offering me but he actually broke off about 1/3 of the cheesburger and gave that to me, I know, right ?

So I’m really confused, he felt bad that I was sitting at home eating frozen pizza, he brought me a treat to make up for the nice dinner he had and he also got a treat.. how does that work ?

I guess next time, I’ll buy a steak and potatos to make dinner for 1 and get ice cream for dessert.


Let me introduce myself

las vegasI was born and raised in Utah, moved and lived most of my life in Oregon. Now I live in the Netherlands. What brought me here ? My Dutch husband and this is how it all happened.

I basically lived alone in a basement apartment, my entertainment was playing poker via Facebook. I met several people and we became friends and would meet up the same time every day and would run amok at the tables. It wasn’t really as bad as it sounds, most of the time we were being silly and just having innocent fun.

It became quite addicting to me and I found myself playing poker into the early hours of the morning, putting myself in a crowd of people from halfway around the world. FYI, my mother is from the Netherlands and I’ve always been interested in meeting Dutch people.

One morning while I was playing, I happen to notice that one of the players at the table just so happen to be from the Netherlands. So, I poker buddied him and struck up a conversation. I mentioned my mother growing up there and always wanted to meet Dutch people so we then became Facebook friends and kept in touch.

Even though he would comment/like some of my posts and visa versa, on a regular basis,  it wasn’t for at least a year that we started chatting every day, one thing led to another and it started getting serious between the both of us and the next thing I know, we exchanged those 3 little words, “I love you”.  After that we were online together as often as we could. He’d get up early, I’d stay up late.

Things progressed pretty fast and soon he was on a flight heading my way to visit for 2 weeks. During that time I was in total aw and did not want it to end. Those 2 weeks flew by like nobody’s business and it was time for him to go home back to the Netherlands.  We had no idea what was in the future. We continued to talk every day for nearly 6 hours, (we had a special subscription on skype and he could call my phone)  I was connected to a phone charger cord almost 24/7.

He came back to visit 5 months later which during that time we drove to Las Vegas and got married so now we have to make definite plans. I agreed it’d be easier for me to move since he had a house and long time job so we set  the wheels in motion. Unfortunately I had to stay behind when he returned so for another 5 months we were apart. On October 11, 2011 I made my way across the great Atlantic pond.

I have now been here for 4 years.. My life has changed so much and I only wish that I had started this blog at the beginning of my journey.